from Chaos to Clarity

Operations Management

We work with you to understand your business goals, identify areas of improvement, and define effective operating processes. Everything is customized for your unique situation, allowing your business to perform at a higher level of efficiency while achieving your short-term and long‑term goals.

We have experience in organizational management, as well as functioning as a business operations liaison among project management, finance, contracts, and subcontracts teams. We are also skilled in assisting with business entity registrations, GSA schedules, and business certifications including SBA 8(a) and other set‑aside designations.

Contract Management

Winning contracts is understandably the primary focus of most business owners. If obtaining new contracts is #1, contract and subcontract management should be #1.5, before whatever you thought was #2. Without proper administration of your current work, it’s difficult to gain strong references for new or add‑on work.

Many small business owners don’t have the time or knowledge to stay ahead of the many regulations and deadlines contained in the lengthy contract documents. Nor do they have the budget to keep a full-time resource on staff for contract-related concerns. The Refinery has the time, knowledge, and desire to keep you in compliance with federal, state, and commercial regulations.

Human Resources Administration

Whether we function as your soup to nuts remote HR team, recruiting point of contact, employee handbook developer, or anything in between, you’ll be confident knowing you have experienced resources working on your behalf.

All of our services are tailored to our individual clients’ needs and can grow with you as your needs grow. We have extensive experience working within the various ADP HR portals.

We have successfully supported companies with as few as 5 employees to those with hundreds of employees and contractors, living and working in multiple locations and industries.

Meeting Facilitation

For most businesses, meetings are a way of life. If not properly managed, they can also be one of the biggest drains on your and your staff’s time.

Consider an experienced facilitator for your next strategic planning session, project evaluation, policy development, staff retreat, or employee feedback event. Getting the right people together is the first step. Adding in the proper facilitation of the meeting keeps everyone on track and increases the probability of achieving your desired objectives.

Leadership and Development Training

Training and Development, often linked together, are very different entities. Without this understanding, many staff often spend many hours in training classes and many businesses spend many, many dollars on training courses without accomplishing their goals.

We have implemented training, development and coaching activities that produce an immediate return on investment. We can create plans addressing Compliance activities, Diversity, Effective Communication, Coaching for First-Time or Executive-Level Management, Negotiation Techniques – whatever your need – and then suggest the best method for executing the plans. We provide instructor-led, web-based, and live webinar training sessions. One size doesn’t fit all.